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7 Ways to Secure Facebook account from being hacked – Complete protection Guide

By Unknown - Thursday, August 11, 2016 3 Comments

Facebook complete protection Guide

Friends, now a day’s Facebook is biggest social networking Platform where we can share our thought, Photos, Videos and Links with friends and family. We can also follow our favorite Celebrity, News Channels, and Funny Pages etc for fun and information.

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In the Facebook site /app you can enjoy, entertain or you will find some necessary information from Shared Post, Chat from friends. But be aware someone wants to collect your information but who is not your friends or family.

Why someone wants to collect my information on Facebook?

May be for illegal use like Spam or Scam, may be the purpose of hacker for commercial use. I am explaining they can share some malaria Link, or like page or share some download file like .exe or they can send pornographic content to your friends. I want to say you in easy words they can miss use your social platform if your account being hacked.

Today I will give you few tips secure your Facebook account from hacker also cover some important question so read this article till end my motto is keep safe fb account from Phishing, hacking and carjacking.

#1 before Login your account - manually type your username and password. Do not check mark on “keep me Logged in” because this option can increase hacking chance to get your account hacked. 
  • Use keep me logged in if you are sing in on your personal computer. Do not check mark this option in cyber café or others Computer.
how to secure facebook account from hackers

#2 before share your password thinks about it serially. If someone or your friends asking your Facebook password keep in mind about your privacy so I want to say never share your password.

#3 think twice before Login your Facebook account on others computer. If you are in outside or public place and wants check your Facebook account so I will newer suggest that you logged in your E-mail, Facebook etc. Because may be already installed key logger or Facebook Password Decryptor software on your friends PC or in the cyber café’s PC. So check your Facebook status only trusted PC, because they will not tell you that my pc has already installed that type of software.

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Important Suggestion keeps your password long and strong use upper and Lower case with some special characters.  Newer use in password, same name, date of Birth, phone no etc.  Use password Like this “PsD19*4*/#Sj”. Because only long password is not safe for your email or your social networking account Like Google plus Facebook etc.

  • Some hacker’s are active and Daily more than 5 lacks account being hacked because some user’s use sort or easy password if you want check your password that is secure or not check hare

facebook login
Change your password monthly. If someone knows your password they can’t access after the change.

  • Newer use same password- if your G-mail and Facebook account is same they can try to login your email via same password and hacker may try to change your email password. So keep different your e-mail and fb Profile’s password.

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#4 use only Trusted Apps.  Remove unwanted Apps from your social networking Site Facebook because some third party app can share Links or unwanted post behalf of you. Allow or give permission only trusted site apps. Otherwise unwanted or third party apps will share or misuse from your account and your account may be banned because Facebook thinks you are Posting those misleading or harmful post.

How to secure facebook privacy settings?

how to secure facebook account from public

#5 Re check your Privacy Settings – if you doubt some unwanted response from your Facebook account you need personalize your privacy settings.

  • Use secure browsing ,  see logged in detail from Facebook setting page if someone hacked your fb account use Logged out from all others device option. Add your mobile no for secure notification massage. Use friends only in privacy setting because this is secure privacy setting. Also change tagging option, decide which friends can tag.

#6 before clicking on Links – think twice because hackers are posting or commenting some video Link or some attractive Photo Link and these link may be attractive , pornographic or emotion related but when you click on these Link this will redirect to another page that page may be look like Facebook. Mostly keep login or Login with Facebook option or attractive / pornographic video type photograph in there but if you fill your Login information or click on it hacker will save your password and redirect you another page for download some exe or redirect you in porn page basically this called phishing.

How to check phishing Site on Facebook?

These  site may be  look like Facebook, such as login button, or designed like Facebook. But you can check phishing site easily first of all check Https and then check on URL. but be aware hare check means first text in the url should be not last word Like  if last text or login with face book that mean this is hacker created page , folder or post name so carefully check phishing site and protect your account.

#7 Reject unknown friends request – add only person who knows you, if someone try to make friend on Facebook first of all check his/her profile and send massage why you want add to me ? Or can we know? Or who are you etc. if you found trusted friend then add otherwise remove or delete from friend request. Regularly check your friend list if you found unwanted friend on your friend list then immediately delete.

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I apology if you found some mistakes in my post how to secure Facebook account from being hacked. So friends I am asking you are my article about secure Facebook account privacy is helpful or not please comments.

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