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About Torrent Sites and its Top Search Engine for Upload and Download

By Unknown - Tuesday, July 12, 2016 No Comments
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Today I will discuss how torrent Clint works with Torrent Search Engine. If you reading this article this mean you are using Internet and if you are using Internet then you will be heard about Torrent. So friends if you want to know all about torrent like how torrent works, what is the process of torrent and is torrent safe for our privacy? Then read article till end because I will explain all guide one by one. I will also guide you plus point and minus point when you download/upload Movies, software, Games or any other file from torrent.

Why should we use Torrent?

For normal download when you type URL on your browser. Its goes to Clint server and Clint server sends related URL Result. But this is for single user. But think if some file or software has thousands or millions of download then its need Powerful Server & powerful speed to support everyone access once. Otherwise web page will not open on time or web page taking too much time to load and all users will not download any data on same time. And if you wish that all the users download your data/ software/ file etc on same time then you need powerful server. But powerful server is little expensive and you can’t afford expense of server then you should upload your file/software or any data on any torrent hosting Site.

Process of Torrent Power

Tips for Blur Effect on Video 

All the torrents works peer to peer (in simply language peer to peer means PC to PC) I will explain for power full torrent its need good no of seeder and leecher. If seeder’s point is more than leeches then download will be faster so check seeder and leecher no on torrent search engine site.
Know who seeder is and who is leecher?  Seeder who uploaded to torrent hosting site and leecher who downloads from torrent hosting, for leecher you can also say peers. Who can also seeds after the finish download? If after the download via torrent you are not removing file from Clint host application, the downloaded file automatically seeding and you will become lecher to seeder.

Peer to peer

For example if you upload a Movie on torrent site and someone search same movie on torrent search engine Site and he/she found yours Link on torrent Site and he/she started download. so it will show on torrent tracker 1 seeder& 1 leecher because you uploaded and he or she downloading but same time some else  wants to download same movie then he will find 2 source to download the movie. One from seeder and one from leecher. If another person also comes to download same movie then he will find 3 sources. Such as one seeder who uploaded movie on torrent site and two other source from leecher who are downloading. It calls peer to peer or Pc to PC.

Plus Point of torrent Download Site

  • Your downloading will be stop If you are downloading and your power cut off before download finsh. then your all the data of internet and your spending time on it are waste because you need restart downloading form beginning but if you are downloading through torrent then when you again start your pc it will downloading continue from where your cut off . And you can set bandwidth allocation for Download and upload you can increase downloading file speed or decrease. Also set for seeding speed.

Minus point of torrent Site

  • Some torrent site has major issues of security. So please carefully download software, movies, Games etc because when you download finish you will realize some unwanted things happening on your PC. Like ads displaying again and again some Popup opening again and again, or your browser’s search engine is changed without any information, or some extra extensions will added after install your downloaded program from you take from torrent site so . Please read carefully before install or download anything. May be ad ware, virus or malware was attached.

Software Review for Prey anti theft 

  •  It will spend your internet bandwidth after the finish download so remove file  from torrent Clint application because its working peer to peer so after the finish downloading if someone wants download same file torrent search engine site automatically generate source Link from your PC so someone downloading from your pc and you don’t know whets happening it will slow your computer speed because your internets bandwidth and speed also distributing some another person who is downloading from pc.

Torrent use not for piracy only because some multinational company also using torrent hosting Site for promote their Product

List of Torrent site and search engine

  4. EZTV.AG
  5. 1337X

Download most popular torrent Clint

5 Ways make your PC faster

  1. Torrent2exe
  2. UTorrent
  3. ZbigZ
  4. bittorrent
  5. BitComet

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Friends this article About Torrent Site’s and its Top SearchEngine for Upload and Download is helpful for you? Comments below if you have any question. I will reply as soon as possible. I recommend watch the video I am embedding below it’s all about torrent and you will learn more about torrent. It’s free for all users.

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