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Easy Step to Watch Offline Videos on You Tube - Without Internet connectivity

By Unknown - Sunday, July 3, 2016 No Comments
Do you want to Know How to watch video Without Internet? If you regularly find on your own at spots with spotty Net connection - when going to do the job or at home, for occasion - and you like enjoying video clips, then YouTube's off-line feature is focused at you. The function will allow users to carry on appreciating their favorite videos on their Android mobile phone and iOS devices even when there is no useful network connection. Here's what the YouTube's off-line function is all about, as well as how you can build utilization of it.
Without Internet connectivity

 When You Tube Offline Feature Launch?

Offline Watch Video on You tube Feature Launch in 2014 But this features is not available on all Countries.

Why Should I Watch Offline Video on You tube?

Sometimes you want to watch Video on Phone and you have Good Internet Connection Like 3G, Or 4G. But when you trying to Watch video, your video is buffering and Buffering on Phone Because of Low Tower or your Internet Speed Not Coming Properly then You need too Much Time to Watch Your Favorite Video. Then you think How to avoid too much Wasting My Time? Sometimes you visited Friends Home and your Friend Have Good Speed Wifi Connection, but when you and friends are talking each other then you think how to watch video with friends Wifi. Because you and your friends are Busy. sometimes you are in CafĂ©, Metro Station Restaurants, or you are inside In  Railway Station Where High Speed Wifi is free but Still you are busy because you are  with family or Friends .but Now you can watch Video offline on YouTube . In this feature you can save your video on You Tube APP and when you feel Free then Watch and Enjoy without Internet and Without Buffer You Tube Videos.
How To Watch without Internet Videos on You tube With Offline Feature?

First of all you need a Computer, Tablet or A Smart phone with Windows OS, Android, or IOS and you need an Internet Connection for Save You Tube Video offline. (If you want Watch video without Internet with PC First Download Blustucks or Andy and Install on your Computer)

Check YouTube Apps on your Smart Phone or Tab. if you don’t have installed from Play Store. If you have older version you tube app then Update.
Videos on You tube With Offline Feature

Step 1 Open You tube from your App and Search any Video (which you want to save on You Tube)

Step 2 after running your fav video on you tube Pause it and Tuch down Arrow Button (you will find this Down Arrow Button Just near like or Dis like Button)

Step 3 Now a Popup Box Will Open “add Video to Offline” Now you can Choose Normal Video or HD Video with Pop up Box Option. After this you can Check Mark Remember My Setting after apply this you won’t again show this popup Box for saving next offline video on You Tube.

Step 4 Click on Ok (or Touch OK button from your Smart Phone) Now you will See your offline video is Processing. You can see down arrow Button’s Color Has Been Change Suddenly Now the Color is Blue. After completing Process of saving Video the Down arrow Button will be changed with a Tick Mark with Color Blue.
how to watch clips on youtube without internet

Step 5 go again you tube app, open and click on offline. Now you will see all offline video Thumbnails which you Saved. Now when you feel free at home or any Pick nick Spot you can watch video without Internet
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 Last Step for Watching Without Internet Video

Now close wifi or close Mobile data now you are no internet connection in your Mobile. Now go to YouTube offline and click on thumbnail witch you saved recently.  Now your video is running without any internet Connection.
 for Watching Without Internet Video
  So today you learnt how to watch offline Video with YouTube.
If this tutorial watch video without Internet On You Tube is help full for You if yes then Share with your Friends if this tutorial is not Helpful for you then Comments  I will trying to understand  with other Method  and watch video this is my own Screen cast Video may be this will helpful for you.

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