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Easy way to open facebook account without email

By Unknown - Thursday, July 21, 2016 5 Comments
Want to an open a new account on Social Networking Site Facebook? If your answer yes! Then you are right place today I will guide you step-by-step. I will also explain you How to use fB. You can watch our you tube video (below the Post) in this video you can easy to understand that how to make a facebook account without any e-mail ID. If you want to increase your facebook friends Circle or you want promote your Brand or product, Blogs or website then facebook is best platform for you.
How to open facebook account without email

What is the use of Facebook?

Now a day we all are using mobile, tabs, PC then facebook is a Best way to connect our friends, family or relatives.  Now days you can easily connect with facebook. Create your account on facebook and add your friends like collage or school friends or you can add your colleague and directly chat, share, anything, anytime you want from your device .so with the facebook use you are connected with the entire circle.

What is facebook Profile Page?

If you are know more about your favorite actor, director, player, leader or wants more about any organization , that what they are doing , what is next plan or what is the latest status of your favorite Icon’s then search all of have a profile page for fans, or customers . So simply like that page and now theirs latest feed. If are news lover like sports, politics, entertainment then you can like your favorite news channel/ danik,’s Page such as aaj tak, zee News, BBC News , times of India etc. they are also providing a page for facebook users if liked any of tease page all the news feed will be on your facebook wall.

What is Pubic Page?

Anyone can create a Page on fb for your for Promoting any Brads/Products/website/blog etc suppose you have a restaurant  and you want promote it worldwide for free then go to facebook site and create a page and promote anything whatever you wants it’s very easy. You can create own profile page. For example you are a new singer and wants tell your talent to world then facebook public page will very useful to you.

How to open an account on facebook without any e-mail?

Login with email is good option but if you don’t have email ID then you can create a facebook account without e-mail but you need a mobile phone to create it submit your no. and fill code from inbox your facebook account will created easily.

Step-by-step create a facebook account

  • Step -1 goes to or download facebook apps from apps store and open it.

  • Step -2 click on create new account

Hare you will see a filling form to open a facebook account

  • Step -3 fill first and last name
  • Step -4 fill mobile or e-mail

If you want to open without e-mail then fill your mobile No and if you want to create an fb account with e-mail then fill e-mail id.
  • Step -5 Select Genders

Choose male or female from gender drop down menu.

  • Step -5 fill passwords

You can fill any password but I suggest keep it strong password you can use letters and numeric to choose your strong password. But keep it remember able because when you will login on facebook then fill same password whatever you filled on sign up form.
  • Step -7 Clicks on Sign Up

When you fill up all the details on facebook form then click on Sign up Button.
  • Step -8 fills Code

After the complete sign up process facebook send you a massage to your phone (if you fill Mobile no. on fill up form) or send a 4-5 digit code on e-mail (if you filled up e-mail on sign up form)you can check your Inbox and submit your code.
  • Step -9 Click on Conform

After the fill code from e-mail or phone click on conform.
After the conformation. You will see next step of facebook account. And hare now you can add friends some option are available hare please check out so add friend or skip this option.
  • Step -10 Clicks on Next

When you click on next button you will see your facebook account created successfully now you can enjoy if you want check your friends massage click on massage icon all the massage will be display hare you can find friends option also available. Or you can check notification by clicking notification icon. In the notification option you can see what your friends share.

How to change Profile Picture on facebook?

If you want to thinking about change profile photo then I am telling hare. You can change your profile pic on facebook very easily.

Click on three line’s icon (upper right side on facebook) and click on name (profile name) now click on image icon and upload your photo via phone/ computer o click a photo with your camera. And save it now you will see you’re your profile picture will changed  

Please Note: - if you are using facebook always sign-out before the facebook close and enjoy your new facebook account. Now chat, share, Like or comments whatever you wants with your profile

Friends is this article Easy way to open facebook account without email helpful for you if yes please share if this article is not helpful then comments me or mail me on my email pappu1919@gmailcom .  I will try to understand you with another method. Friends you can watch this own recorded video this will also helpful for create your new facebook account.

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