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Boost Internet speed and make your PC Faster with Advanced system Care

By Unknown - Thursday, July 7, 2016 6 Comments
If you are irritating with your Internet Low Speed or your or your PC’s Speed is too low. when you are working Playing Games or watch Online Movies or Live Shows and your PC stuck again and again or restarting again and again or you are showing some corrupt warning Massages on your windows then I will Guide you a best Solution Step by Step .so read full Tips tutorial, and Don’t worry because its take few minutes to Clean and Boost your PC and Internet Performance.
how to make internet connection faster

Why my Computer and Internet Speed are Slow?

Sometimes we are working and working are playing games Downloading too much files, or Software etc. and e ignore all the warning  massages and PC Speed even your Internet plans are good but if you test speed then your speed is not running Properly. Then you understand your PC’s behavior and must Give some Time for clean Junk files, fix Registry Errors, fix Disk Errors, fix shortcut Errors, check security Issue’s Scan Malware and after that check your Internet Speed.

How to check all warning Issue’s and Clean PC?

There are lots of ways to check all the errors for fix and clean your computer you can clean manual are fix windows warning Massages but it takes too much time . Hare I will suggest 2 software to boost your PC.  So first you can use CCleaner, or you can download Advanced System Care hare I will guide you with Advanced Systemcare.

Why Advanced System Care?

Ccleaner is also good and free Software  for every user but in few years advanced SystemCare also working good even tried to many times but I have no issue with this software. Advanced Systemcare is also provides free and Pro version to download every users. According to advanced System care is in top 5 most downloading Software. Even when you visit some similar software downloading site like you can see in the front or home Page.

How to Download Advanced Systemcare?

  • Open your browser and search on Google advanced System Care for free
    Why my Computer and Internet Speed are Slow?
  • Go Link 1 or Link 2 and Click on Download Now Button
  • After download the software install it on windows. (I think install process is same click yes on Installing Software turns and click on next again next and finish.)
  • After the installing open software from your Desktop Icon, You will see hare some option like  Spyware removal ,  Internet Boost,  Security defiance, registry Clean privacy Sweep, shortcut Fix  disk Scan and too many other option with check mark  so read first carefully and select all or scan what issue you want to fix .
  • After click on scan button it take few minute to analyze your computer so keep countdown till full scan.
  • When it completes their full scan it will show you all warning and error massage. So clean junk files, registry errors, privacy issue, browser security issue or any other issue.
  • Click on automatically fix Button.  This will fix and clean your pC's internet’s issue step by step.
    fix Internet issue
  • After fix all the issue’s close it and enjoy. Now you can again check your PC’s performance and test your Internet speed hope it will be better than before.
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This software review about advanced SystemCare is helpful for you or Not? If  this is software is not helpful for you then leave comments I will try to understand you with another ways to Boost Internet speed and make your PC Faster. You can watch video below if you have any quarry about your PC’s better performance. 

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