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How to: Convert Blog Post to PDF | Tutorial for Free Online PDF File

By Unknown - Monday, June 6, 2016 1 Comment
This Easy Tech Tutorial Explain You that How to Convert PDF File From Any Web Page or Blog Post.
First of all  I want To Tell about PDF ,  for Example If You are a Student and your Hobby is Reading , or Styling On Internet Such as you want reading About Latest Technology and your Internet connection is Slow Then Post to PDF and you will fine Grate Quality  and you can easily Save according Your Need  or if you want Read a Web Page But You Don’t Have Enough Time , So Simply Convert Your PDF and Save on your Computer Or Mobile , and When you feel free then Read Without Internet Access.
convert webpage to pdf online


Any Web, Blog Post Convent to PDF

  1. We can Read without Internet access.
  2. Also Read On Smart Phone
  3. Can Increase Site Link through PDF Sharing Host Site
  4. Easy To Print
  5. Easy To Save on PC, Mobile According your Need

If you are convert Your Blog Post to PDF and Sharing On Social Networking Site , Your visitor will Download it Will Be Grate Promotion of your Blog Site Because your Site’s Name And Links will be there In PDF File  (if they Click On your Blogs PDF  Link  then the PDF will Redirect to your Original Post of PDF
 Blog pages are shown with the support of browsers, favorite ones being Google Chrome, Opera, Edge and Mozilla FireFox While the greater part of browsers give you the choice to save the Tech Blog page you are viewing, mainly because of the PDF file format that is being saved in it is in some cases complicated to send the Blog page for another person to review or even save it on your PC, Laptops for future guide. This is where converting a Website page to a PDF might show useful. Only as you would print to a usual printer, you go to File->Print Choose novaPDF and voila, you have converted the Post page of Blog to a PDF.

Checkout  Easy Way Tutorial for Free Online PDF File Below

 Step 1
Go and type on your Address Bar  (using Chrome, Firefox , Opera Etc.)

 now copy web page Link which you want to convert into PDF Document
convert webpage to pdf software

 Step 3
Pest your Copied Link To Box (As seen Below) and Click on Print Preview
 Step 4 
now you will See Your Preview of your PDF  File , Now Click  On PDF  Tab

 Step 5
A Popup will appear on Print Friendly Site ,  
 Choose Page Size from Dropdown Menu  Such as A4 or Letter , (whatever you want ) Click On Download your PDF Button

PDF Button
Watch & Learn through Video Convert a Blog Post into PDF for Free

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