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Make a Google Account with Simple Steps | Gmail Tutorial | Computer Tips

By neha nair - Sunday, May 22, 2016 8 Comments

how to create gmail account
‘Google Accent’ or ‘Gmail‘is an Online Internet account in which emails are saved on the Website of Google rather than on your computer or mobile. Web email can be a flexible solution as you can access e-mails from any pc/ mobile that has internet access – for example, at inter-net caf├ęs – anyplace in the entire world.

Step By Step Create Google Account.

Open Your Browser and Type or Directly Go to
Now Site will be open.

create google plus account

  • See right Corner in the menu and pick Gmail.
  • Now click on the “new Google Account" Link.
  • A new web page of Google's "Create your Google Account" will be Open.
  • Now fill your Full Detail on Box such as first Name, Last Name.

Choose Your User Name What name you want to User name Fill if your username not available then you can select any other, choice given by Google.

  • Now Fill your Password and conform again.

 Please Not Create Password and Conform Password Should Be Mach, I mean to say fill same password on Both Box.

  • Now Select your Date of Birth from Dropdown Menu.
  • Select Gender from Drop down Menu like Male or Female.
  • Fill your Mobile No with Country Code.
  • Fill your Current Email ID.
Now Fill Ceptcha as shown letter or Numbers. If you are filling wrong captcha or you do not understand Ceptcha then you can refresh ceptccha.
Then you can see other Ceptcha word.

  • And Last TaskTick Mark on me agrees to the Google Terms & Service.

Click next Step and Congratulation Massage will be showing in your Gmail Account Now you can Send Mail .Gmail account is fast and simple, and also offers you access to other Google products and solutions like as, Google-Drive, and Google-Plugin this details, I am  going to show you how to get started with email by creating a Gmail account.

Free Watch Full Video Tutorial Learn & Create Your Google Gmail Account with Easy Steps.

8 comments to ''Make a Google Account with Simple Steps | Gmail Tutorial | Computer Tips"

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