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How to blur Moving faces in video | CyberLink PowerDirector | Computer Tips

By neha nair - Friday, May 20, 2016 1 Comment
 If you want to use blur effect on Cyberlink's PowerDirector software program provides you the tools to create a selection of different effects to your Clip, such as a blur effect. This blur effect can be targeted over one person's face, properly hiding the person's identity. To properly blur out a face, you need to have a knowing of the keyframes in PowerDirector, or at least an operating knowledge of how keyframes work in common.

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Step By Step Blur Out Moving Faces or Objects in Your Video

CyberLink PowerDirector
Import Media

Open PowerDirector and click on import media tool,

 One pop menu will show you click on Import Media files you can also use shortcut using keyboard Ctrl+Q
Now select your file from Computer (which you want to Blur) and double click on the media file or select and click on open button.  Now your file will be showing on Media content.
How To Make A Censor Blur
Move your media file to working Tracks

Now Drag Your File on Track and now go to “fx” tool. After the clicking you will see a different type of windows choose Blur and drag on “Fx” Track (just below on your media file track)
Now Adjust Increase or decrease by mouse (which part you want to blur) now click on modify
And adjust Degree according your choice for your video

 blur in your video
Drag to FX Track

Click on mask type a dropdown menu will be open with two options BOX and Circle
Select witch you want Blur in circle, or blur in Box.
Now click on keyframe and go to Mask and drag which part to you want blur in your video
powerdirector blur background
 1 modify>> 2 Masktype>> 3 Keyframe

Now check your edited video properly and Produce...

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for more details about how to blur faces in video  checkout this video

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  1. now i can blur on video.
    via cyberlink powerdirector now please make video tutorial abot double roll .