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How to Make Transparent Text | Text Message into photo with Photoshop

By Unknown - Monday, May 30, 2016 2 Comments
In this Photoshop course, we'll learn how to put an area of transparent text message to a picture. By that, I suggest the text message by itself will be totally transparent, making it possible for us to see perfect via it to the picture below, but it will be enclosed by a semi-transparent, solid-color back-ground (which is what will make it possible for us to really see the text message and identify the styles of the words, or else the text message would simply be, well, silent). This can be a helpful style method when you require adding type in top of a picture that's too "active" for the text message to be easily understandable.
To build the effect, we'll be working with a layer group in addition to a pair of Photoshop's Superior Blending options. Here's an example of what we'll be understanding how to make. I've added the text "ONLY SINGLE LIKE" in top of the authentic picture, specially putting them over the busiest portion of the image so we can see the buildings through the styles of the characters. The semi-transparent background around the characters is what makes the text message readable (ONLY SINGLE LIKE image from

Transparent Text Area

The final effect wiil be look like this (see Image)

I'll be working with Photoshop CS5 for this short training but any latest version will also Work. Let's get began!
Image Effects

  • Step 1: Add a New Blank Layer

With my image recently opened up in Photoshop, if we seem in my Layers panel, we see the picture sitting on the Background part which is at the moment the only layer in my desktop:

Photo Effects Tutorials

The Layers panel displaying the primary picture on the Background layer.
Let's begin by putting a new blank layer, which we can do by simply clicking the New Layer icon at the bottom part of the Layers panel:

 Transparent Text

Clicking on the New Layer symbol.
Photoshop gives a new blank layer named Layer 1 over the picture on the Background layer:

The Layers panel displaying Layer 1 over the Background layer.

  • Step 2: Fill the New Layer with Black

We're proceeding to use this new part as the semi-transparent background around our text message, but we will not usually know at this place specifically where the ultimate text message will seem to be in the picture, so for now, we'll simply fill the full
Let's fill the layer with Black. Go to the Edit menu in the Menu Bar combined the top of the display and select the Fill command:

Image With Photoshop,

Go > Edit > Fill.
This option will open the Fill dialog box. Set the Utilization commend at the top of the dialog field to Black, and make certain the Setting option at the bottom part is set to Normal and Opacity is set to 100 :
Photoshop Besics

The Fill command dialog common box.
Press OK to close out of the Fill dialog field. Photoshop fills Layer 1 with Black, and because Layer 1 is sitting over the Background layer, the solid Black momentarily blocks the image from seed in the document screen:
The document window after filling Layer 1 with Black.

transparent text box

  • Step 3: Reduced the Opacity of Layer 1

To change this solid Black into a semi-transparent background for our text message, all we require to do is reduced the layer's opacity value. You'll locate the Opacity method in the top right area of the Layers panel. By default, the opacity value is fixed to 100%. The extra you reduced it, the more the image down below the layer will show via. You can simply go back and adjust the opacity value at any time, so for now, I'll set my own to 60%:
 transparent text box over image css,

Reducing the opacity value of Layer 1 to 60%.
With the opacity reduced, I can now see the primary photo displaying via the Black-filled layer:

transparent text box in word

The document window after decreasing the opacity of Layer 1.

  • Step 4: Put Your Text message

Let's put our text message. Choose the font Tool from the Tools section:
Choosing the font Tool.

transparent text generator

With your font Tool picked, select your typeface and font size up in the Options Bar combined the top of the display. I'm planning to use Century Gothic Bold here but of course you can use whatever font you like for your picture. Don't fear too much about the font dimension for now because we'll resize the text message to the specific size we need in a moment:

photoshop transparent text

The font command in the Options Bar.
Also, to ensure that we can see our text message in top of our semi-transparent Black background as we're putting it, arranged the color of your type to White. If it's not already set to White, simply click on the color swatch in the Options Bar, select White from the Shade Picker that seems to be, then simply click OK to close out of the Color Picker:

The color swatch displays the present color for the type. Simply click on it to select a different color.
To get an all of our font options collection, just click inside the file window with the font Tool and add your text message. I will type the text "ONLY SINGLE LIKE":
photo effects tutorials photoshop cs6

Putting my text message to the document.
When you are done, click on the check mark in the Options Bar to agree to the text message and exit out of text message modifying mode:
Hitting the check mark to agree to the text.
If we seem again in the Layers panel, we can see our recently added font layer sitting over our Black background on Layer 1:

The Layers panel displaying the new font layer.

  • Step 5: Re-size the font With Free Transform

If your text message requires to be resized, ensure that the font layer is chosen (pointed out in blue) in the Layers panel, then go back to the Edit menu at the top of the display and this time, select the Free Transform option. Or, you can just press Ctrl+t on windows / Command+T on Mac on your key-board to choose Free Transform with the short-cut:

Go to Edit Manu > Free Transform.
These areas the Free Transform field and manages all around the text message. To re-size the text message, simply press on a manage (the small rectangle) in any of the sides and, with your mouse option continue to held down, move it diagonally to create the text message bigger or smaller sized. Hold down your Shift key on your key-board as you drag the manages to keep the initial design of the characters intact as you're resizing the text message.
You can also shift the text message around inside of the document by simply clicking anyplace inside of the Free Transform box and, once again with your mouse option held down, pulling it into position. Here, I've made my text message bigger and shifted it in front of the buildings. When you're completed, press Enter in Windows / Return in Mac on your key-board to agree to the modify and exit out of the Free Transform option:

Resizing and shifting the text into place with Free Transform.

  • Step 6: Put the font Layer And Layer 1 To A Layer Group

Next, we require positioning both the Type layer and Layer 1 under it into a layer group. To do that, we 1st require having both layers picked out in the Layers panel. We presently have the font layer picked, so hold down your Shift key and simply click on Layer 1. This will pick out both layers at once (each will be outlined in blue):

Possessing Shift and simply clicking on Layer 1 to select both of the top layers.
With both equally layers picked out, go up to the Layer menu at the top of the display screen and select Group Layers:

Go to Layers menu > Group Layers.
This will position each layers into a new layer group which Photoshop labels Group 1. By default, the group is closed so we can't see the layers within it (which is a useful way of maintaining the Layers panel awesome and arranged) but press on the small triangle to the left of the folder symbol and you will "twirl" open the group and see the two layers within it:

Simply clicking the triangle icon to start the group and see its layers.

  • Step 7: Choose the font Layer

Now that our two layers are inside of their private group, we can put our transparency effect to the text message. Placing the layers within a layer group will hold the transparency effect confined within the group on its own so that only the layers within the group will be impacted. Any layers listed below and outside of the group will not be impacted.
Click on the font layer to choose it:
photo effects tutorials photoshop,

Choosing the font layer within the group.

  • Step 8: Open up The Blending Options

With the font layer chosen, simply click on the small menu symbol in the top right area of the Layers panel:

Simply clicking the Layers panel menu symbol.
This will starts a menu with different Layers panel-related commends. Choose Blending Options from the list:

photoshop photo effects tutorials pdf,

Selecting "Blending Options" from the Layers panel menus.
This will opens the big Layer Type dialog box set to the most important Blending Options. Seem for the Knockout commend in the Advanced Blending section and modify it from none to Shallow:

Transparent Text Area

Setting the Knockout commend to "Shallow".
Then move the Fill Opacity slider over it all the way to the left to set its value to 0%:
Image Effects

Setting the Fill Opacity value to 0%.
Press OK to close out of the Layer Style dialog box, and now if we look in the document window, we see that not only have we created our text message transparent, but we have also created the part of Layer 1 below the text message transparent, as if the styles of the characters have been "knocked out" of it, exposing the initial image on the Background layer below:

The image on the Background layer is now noticeable inside the text message.

  • Step 9: Choose Layer 1

As a final point, let's re-size the Black semi-transparent background so it is all around the text message without addressing up the complete picture. Simply click on Layer 1 in the Layers panel to choose it:
Choosing Layer 1.

Photo Effects Tutorials

  • Step 10: Re-size The Background for just a Free Transform

Simply as we did back again in Step 5, go to the Edit menu at the top of the display and select Free Transform, or press Ctrl+T  for Windows / Command+T for Mac on your key-board to pick it with the shortcut:
Choosing the Free Transform command from the Edit menu just as before.
Then just click and move the top and bottom change handles in towards the text message to improve the background. Press Enter in Win / Return in Mac on your key-board when you're done to agree to the modify:

Transparent Text

Pulling the top and bottom transform manages to re-shape the background all-around the text message.
At this position, you may want to go back and re adjust the opacity value for Layer 1 to fine tune the transparency of the Black background around the text. Improving its opacity value will make the text message more watchable, while reducing it will allow the text message to disappear more into the first picture. I feel I will maximize my opacity value from 60% to 85%:

Improving the Opacity value to 85%.
With the opacity higher, my text message is now simply a bit much more watchable:

Image With Photoshop

The last transparent font effect.

And there we have it! That's how to add transparent font, enclosed by a semi-transparent background, to a picture using a layer group and a several of the Superior Blending options in Photoshop! Check out our Picture Results part for more Photoshop effects lessons!
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